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Fit, wherever you sit. 

A healthy lifestyle with mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises, exercise and a healthy diet. These are topics that I have been working on for years.

These are interesting topics and there is always more to study, learn and experience. 

I have been diagnosed with MS since 2009 and in 2011 I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland.

I have many physical complaints and have been using a wheelchair since the end of 2010. Since 2017 I have been able to walk short distances again.

I started practicing mindfulness and meditation in 2011. I really liked this and from there I started to focus more on what you can do with breathing.

Through the combination of mindfulness, meditation and breathing, I have learned how to influence pain and thoughts so that I feel better.

When I was able to move a bit again, I started looking for a sport. That turned into hand cycling, something I still do and every now and then I hand cycle along on cycling tours.

I looked around and ended up with chair yoga. I thought this was perfect, yoga and the exercises are on the chair with occasional standing exercises in between.

My body responded very well to this and I think many more people can benefit from this.

After I followed the Dutch and a number of American chair yoga training courses and courses, I also followed the yoga, chair fitness, chair cardio, senior fitness + senior chair fitness, yoga lifestyle coach, lifestyle coach, wellness coach and balance training courses and courses so that I could practice chair yoga. can supplement with fitness and cardio on the chair and can also give tips about a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everyone, but this still proves to be quite difficult in practice. 

Because you're too busy with work.

Are tired after or from work, take care of the children and keep the house in order.

Tired of the stress of holding up all the balls at the same time with all the associated physical complaints and insomnia.

Perhaps you have mobility problems and/or other problems due to an accident, illness, overexertion, virus, aging or something else that makes movement difficult and/or painful. 

Maybe because your body hurts or you have movement problems, you are afraid to start exercising.

Are you wondering how to start, how to move, how to build up your exercise?

In short: what is possible for me?

You are looking for a sport or want to exercise, but also something that is fun or that you can do easily. Movements that you can do wherever you are and that are adaptable to how your body is at that moment.

Then Chairworkout is for you!
Combine the ChairWorkout with meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and healthy nutrition for the whole package: 

Body & Mind!


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