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ChairWorkout = a complete physical workout that is performed sitting and/or standing using a (wheel)chair or other seating object.


Chair Workout 

  • Exercise anywhere: only a chair or other seating object is needed

  • Move when & where you want

  • Suitable for any age & for everyone

  • Exercise in an accessible way

  • Specially adapted workouts for your body, fitness & possibilities.



  • If you do a lot of sitting / sedentary work: to continue your day feeling fit again.

  • When you want to exercise more or maintain your exercise

  • As rehabilitation after surgery: for example on the knees or in case of overload such as tennis elbow.

  • For mobility problems: Strengthen your body, learn to move better or again

  • For back, neck, knee, foot pain and stiffness: learn to relax the body

  • Be active in a less painful way or painless way. 

  • When tired to feel more energetic.

  • For chronic diseases such as MS, diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis & arthritis

  • Getting to know your body (again), how to move in a pleasant way.

  • When you get older and exercise becomes less effective.

ChairWorkout Asana Klimmen tegen MS KTMS Moves Stoelyoga Sporten (1).jpg
ChairWorkout Asana Klimmen tegen MS KTMS Moves Stoelyoga Sporten (7).jpg
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